N.L. Tucker & Associates Pty Ltd uses the following quality suppliers.


Murrplastik logo

Established in Germany, Murrplastik is a leading supplier of drag chains, ACS cable marking, conduits and KDL cable entry systems.

Drag Chains

Murrplastick commands approximately 16% of international drag chain sales. Their superior designs have encouraged major increases in the sale of drag chains across the globe.

ACS Cable Marking

Murrplastik ACS cable marking is supplied to thousands of users around the world. With superior quality plotted wire markers, cable markers and general marking system, their products have made exceptional progress in the Australian market.

Many switchboard manufacturers, machine builders, electrical contractors and general industry users are either generating their own labels or using our plotting service. Their conduits and fittings are available in a variety of sizes and materials, providing an effective solution across a wide range of applications.

KDH Systemll.

Murrplastik KDH system is the most unique cable entry system on the international market. The KDH system has the following benefits:

  • Accommodates multiple entries of cables and air hoses into cabinets of all types.
  • Multi pin plugs and connectors that do not need to be removed before termination.
  • No more weakening of cabinet walls due to too many holes in a confined space.
  • EMC is accommodated for.
  • Contains an exceptionally high number of earthing and strain relief products.


Industry leading IMET Category 4 safety radio control systems have always been renowned for their extreme reliability and for the high quality of their materials, which are the outcome of a constant commitment to research and development. IMET radio remote controls are employed where it is indispensable to operate a handling machine “remotely” and without cable. They are highly reliable and particularly valuable in terms of safety, productivity and freedom of movement. IMET boasts a wide and diverse range of products, which can fulfil the entire spectrum of needs of every industry. The company’s product portfolio also includes standard equipment, designed for the most common applications, such as construction or mining/recovery equipment, hydraulic cranes, concrete mixers, concrete pumps, travelling cranes and hydraulic pumps to name just a few. IMET proposes customised solutions for customer needs, thus covering every possible configuration in terms of controls.

Please Contact N.L. Tucker to discuss your next radio control system design.

N.L. Tucker & Associates Pty Ltd is the official distributor of IMET radio remote controls in Australia.


NBB radio control logo

NBB is an internationally renowned supplier of radio control systems. Their custom built radio control units and components are in demand across the globe.

NBB radio control units are suitable for a range of applications, including:

  • Overhead Cranes
  • Concrete Boom Pumps, Line Pumps and Concrete Agitators
  • Tilt Trays
  • Vacuum Trucks
  • Mobile Cranes
  • Trailers
  • Water Blasting
  • Mulching Machines
  • Shiploaders
  • People Movers
  • Specialised Vehicles

From straight switching to proportional operation, NBB manufacture a range of high quality radio control units.

We supply small and large users with a unique design service, featuring drawings in CAD or PDF format.

All NBB units are programmable and available in (66) free to air frequencies.

Please Contact N.L. Tucker to discuss your next radio control system design.

Tele Radio

Tele Radio logo

Tele Radio designs high quality, cost effective radio control systems. Originating in Sweden, Tele Radio offers systems for on/off applications.

These systems are suitable for:

  • Vehicle Recovery
  • Gates
  • Doors
  • Winches

Tele Radio systems feature the following benefits:

  • Programmable receivers which are simple to operate.
  • Radio controls which can be customised for OEM manufacturers.
  • Pre-wired cables and plugs to suit your application.

TKD Cable

TKD is a leading German manufacturer and supplier of screened and unscreened flexible cables.

Backed by a wealth of cable knowledge, TKD supplies quality PVC, PUR, flat and rubber cables to companies across the world.

TKD is at the forefront of cable technology, supplying:

  • “FestoonFlex” for festoon systems.
  • “Trommelflex” for reeling cables.
  • “Kaweflex” for drag chain applications.

Fibre optic cores and control can be incorporated into standard and manufactured cables.

Flexible cables can also be manufactured to your requirements in 500 and 1000 metre lengths.

Jacob Glands

Jacob logo

Jacob is one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of high quality cable glands.

From polyamide and nickel coated brass to stainless steel, all glands are developed using materials of high German standards.

This versatile manufacturer is also a leading developer of explosion proof cable glands.

Jacob supply and manufacture cable glands for all cable types, including:

  • Flat
  • Round
  • EMC


Cibes logo

Cibes specialises in manufacturing wire rope, beam trolleys and C-track festoon systems. Established in Sweden, Cibes C-track systems are available in galvanised and stainless steel versions.

Their banana clamps can be conveniently adapted for trolley systems that carry hoses or cables.

Cibes wire rope systems cater for:

  • Round hoses
  • Cables
  • Flat cables


Cibes logo

Westec manufactures superior quality rectangular multi-pin connecters. Connectors are ergonomically designed and cost effective. Their cutting edge IP66 aluminium enclosures feature external mounting.


Cibes logo

GMT manufacture superior quality crane impact buffers. Available in stud and plate types up to 250mm in diameter.

Flex It

Cibes logo

Flex It’s festoon systems are made in Australia using only local products.

The result is exceptional quality festoon systems, including:

  • Wire Rope Trolleys
  • C-tracks
  • Square Bar Systems
  • Beam Trolley Systems

Reel It

Cibes logo

High quality German and American made spring operated cable reelers designed for lift, drag, retrieve and loop applications. Cable reelers are manufactured with 4 to 12 slip rings.